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Speaking in Stories
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I Get Tired When I Listen

Acts 20 records an interesting story about a long sermon preached by the Apostle Paul. The text says that Paul preached to the people until midnight. A young man named Eutychus sank into a deep sleep as “Paul talked on and on” (Acts 20:9). The Bible says, “When Eutychus was sound asleep, he fell to the ground.”

That passage reminds me of a story from my own preaching experience. During my seminary years, I pastored a small country church. One Sunday morning after the worship service was over, my family and I loaded into our car and drove home. My son Jonathan, who was just four years old at the time said, “Papa are you tired? You look tired.” I said, “Yes, Jonathan, I get tired when I preach.” “Yes,” he said, “I get tired when I listen.”