Getting Ready for Sunday
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Welcome to Getting Ready for Sunday!

Martin Thielen Years ago at a denominational meeting, two old seminary friends ran into each other. It had been twenty years since they last met. One served as a pastor, the other as a minister of music. The pastor asked the music minister, "What have you been doing these past twenty years?" He answered, "The same as you, getting ready for Sunday!"

Church leaders spend enormous amounts of time and energy getting ready for Sunday. Therefore, they constantly need fresh worship and preaching ideas. The sole purpose of this Web site is to help meet that need. includes preaching, worship and pastoral leadership articles, my "Getting Ready for Sunday" columns for and Net Results magazine, and information about my books. It also includes sermons and sermon series that I have preached at my church. Since the Bible is mostly a collection of stories, I primarily preach narrative, storytelling sermons. I try to model my preaching after Jesus, who "did not say anything to them without using a parable" (Mark 4:34 NIV). Along with the sermons, you will also find listening guides, projection image ideas, and worship outlines.

In the months and years ahead, additional preaching and worship resources will be regularly added, so I hope you will visit often. May God's blessings be with you as you engage in the sacred task of getting ready for Sunday.

Martin Thielen

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